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15 years ago when I graduated from University I couldn’t imagine that I would leave my native and beloved city for a long time. St. Petersburg will always remain for me the most beautiful city on the Earth.

I have always been interested in the history and architecture of the city because all of my relatives are from St. Petersburg. My family lived in the city center near the port where big cruise ships arrive. Above all,  I was happy and proud that so many tourists will see how beautiful the city is, there is a lot to show and to tell. However, I even could not imagine how much time I would spend in the Sea Port meeting tourists.

Firstly, already at school I began to attend a class devoted to the architecture and culture of our city and that time we conducted small excursions around  Saint Petersburg. In addition, after the  University, I began working for a company that organized large events in Russia. Thanks that I received  a good experience in organizing various events in my city starting from promotions, team buildings and grand opening.

However,  life turned out so I moved to a new country. Since  many of my new friends and colleagues asked me to organize a tour and show the city I started to do it. Arranging tours  for  others to visit St Petersburg and each time getting good feedback, I realized that this is what I always want to do.

I managed to build a team of professionals with experience of more than 9 years in this field. Our team is committed to providing unique experience into the heart of St.Petersburgs incredible history, culture and legends.


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As experts in sightseeing and driven by service, we are passionate about creating memories which will last our guests a lifetime.


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Specialists in city tours and out of town excursions, Malinka Tour provides unforgettable tours and experiences to the most iconic sights in St. Petersburg.  We organize both group tours and private. For families coming with children we offer special  specially designed tours.

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