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Why us

We are an official tour operator that provides services for cruise passengers in the seaport of Saint Petersburg (Russia).

We would gladly offer the best possible service for our clients that they have a pleasant stay in Saint Petersburg, can enjoy the city with the best guides, spending the most of the time learning history, architecture, and
artistic value of the imperial capital of Russia, its mentality and everything related to the modern
life in Russia.

We work in the port and we can have a personal meeting or communicate by phone to prepare
well your trip to Russia or resolve any doubts that may occur about the cruises tours to Saint

We have a variety of excursions for cruise tourists such as private visits, trips guaranteed in small groups and without visas, adapted for different itineraries of different cruise companies.

Our guides are highly qualified and have a long professional career.

Our team wishes you a happy stay in Saint Petersburg.

We are available 24h via all means of contact, either by phone call, WhatsApp, email or Skype. It is always a pleasure to be in contact with our clients helping individually each of them.

We are flexible and according to your preferences we can include or exclude any activities
planned in your tour in Saint Petersburg. We organise fully individual excursions.