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Shore excursions in Russia

The excursions for Baltic cruises and the itineraries that we organise can help you see the places of interest, significant historical monuments. There is everything included and there is no extra payment.

If you are a group of friends or a large family and want to go together as a closed group
without more people added to the tour, you can book the private tour without visa. It will not be
expensive, the prices are always reasonable.

You can  add or remove some activities. The guide who accompanies you will consider your capabilities and preferences. We adapt the programs to each client and agenda. We have special offers for children and pupils.

For all our clients who are cruise passengers and arrive by sea we process the visas that facilitate passing the customs and let you enjoy Saint Petersburg on your VISA-free excursion. Getting off the ship without visa will be easy and fast.

We offer complete tours for cruise tourists with guaranteed departure and without visa

We offer you tourist comfort class cars, which are small buses easy to park and with all the comfort and convenience

For private excursions we have first class cars

All our transport is equipped with air conditioning, as well as with microphone and speakers to listen to lectures of
the guide who accompanies you around the city and its surroundings

If you are thinking of going to Saint Petersburg or Moscow, you are in the right place

When you are in Saint Petersburg, we provide you with a professional guide who will show you the city. Our main function is to organise land excursions for tourists who come by sea on cruises, since the tinerary and stay in Saint Petersburg depends to a large extent on the itinerary of arrival and departure of the cruise ships. Russia is a quite exotic country for Europeans from a cultural and political point of view. Because of the visa issues and restricted access to the country it is not easy to cross its borders. In the customs you have to present special documents that allow you to cross the Russian borders. In addition, the port territory is a closed area and only people with a special authorization can access there. Even taxis entering the port territory have to be authorized and registered, that is why they charge twice as much. Due to the Russian language and because few people can speak English tourism in Russia requires professional guides.

So we are here to help you!

Working Hours

If you want to arrive in cruise ship on the Baltic Sea and see the city in two days you have several options to organise your excursion in Saint Petersburg

The first option is easier, but also more expensive, as you can book a tour around Saint
Petersburg on board the ship. The advantage? It is very fast and easy, but the tourist office on the
ship has little variety of excursions available and they are not full. Besides the attention is not
personalized, as the tourist groups are too big and the excursions in English in Russia provided
by the cruise company tend to be more expensive and incomplete in comparison with the usual
ones. This is why people book tours on board the ship less and less. The price is twice or in some
shipping companies can be three times as much as the prices offered by the local tour operator
outside the shipping company. Excursions offered on board are normally booked by people who
are not informed that booking online with an independent tour operator can help save money on
the trip, and that would be good for anyone, because it is known that in cruise a lot of money is
always spent and it is a way to save and at the same time have a service of higher quality with
the special attention, considering the tastes of each client.
The second option also is not the most convenient for cruise passengers. It involves applying for
the official visa from the embassy and going on trip on your own. But getting the Russian visa in
Spain is very expensive, it will cost 100 – 110 € per person, plus expenses for taxis in the port
which prices are too high. So taking it into account it is better to book an all-inclusive tour over
Saint Petersburg without getting visa. People with Venezuelan, Argentine and Chilean passports
do not need to apply for the Russian visa, they can go on their own, but you should always be
aware that in Russia people speak Russian and few people understand other languages. That is
why moving around the city without a guide is difficult for a Spanish-speaking tourist. In
addition, the streets’ names are in Russian outside and sometimes it is almost impossible to get
the right place in the city. That is why, in order to take the most advantage of the little time that
cruise passengers have, they prefer to book with us the two-day visa-free tours so they can get to
know the city in a comfortable and pleasant way and bring the most beautiful memories.

About Tour Ticket

If you book with us, at the moment of booking the excursion without visa we will need your personal information. We will need your information to be able to send you the ticket of the excursion. It is called a TOUR TICKET. This document that we send you by e-mail must be printed and it will be your entry to the country (it substitutes the visa so to say) at the Russian customs. IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE KEPT ALONG WITH YOUR PASSPORT. Once you pass the customs with your passport and a Tour Ticket you will see our representatives with posters waiting for you. You have two options to pay for the excursion. You can pay in cash in Saint Petersburg after the excursion is over or pay by credit card Visa or MasterCard. We wish you a pleasant stay in Saint Petersburg.

Without Visa

Travel to Russia without visa. How?
With a cruise and arriving by sea. You do not need the Russian visa if you go with certain cruise lines. Arriving with one of these ships you can stay in Russia up to 72 hours without visa. Prices vary depending on the season, and for children it costs half as less for everything mentioned on the website. These are the rules that apply for the trip to Russia without visa. In general, they are the following. The condition that the Russian authorities set to those who want to go to Russia without visa is that they have booked an authorized tourist tour before entering the country. The cheapest of them is “Saint Petersburg for free”, but the good news is that we can organise it directly for you. Sometimes there are offers and sometimes it can come out for free. Things to know when going to Russia without visa. These are the rules that apply for travelling to Russia without visa. In general, they are the following. It is a fact that you can stay in Russia without visa for up to 72 hours in case you arrived by sea in a shipping company but for staying more than 72 hours you have to show the visa from the Russian embassy.

About Visa

And now let us have a look at how we proceed the visa if you come to Saint Petersburg for more than 72 hours and not by sea. To get you the Russian visa we can go to the consulate that has its headquarters in your country or make an application in any of the companies that are dedicated to the same function, and send all documents for processing by mail in case we cannot do it in person. The necessary documents to get the visa are the following:
Original passport (they will keep it to proceed the visa).
Travel insurance during the days of your stay in Russia.
Letter of Invitation (The recipient tour operator provides you with it, or if you do not have its
services, make a request for the letter in any company that is dedicated to the same function).
1 passport-style photograph.
€ 58 expenses for the visa (you can pay by card).
Filled in on-line application.
It usually takes about 10 days to get the visa. There is also an option of the urgent visa within 24 hours but in this case the costs for the visa procedures go up to € 113. We recommend you that you do the necessary procedures one month before your departure in case the visa is delayed, as it has happened some times. As the tourist visa is valid for one month, we recommend that if you are going to spend fewer days in Russia and applying for the invitation letter in the Visa Center, put the date of your departure a few days later than you want to stay. The price will be the same, and you never know if for some reasons you will have to stay more days … The total price for the visa is: € 58 visa processing + € 30 for the invitation letter + travel insurance. In total it is 100 – 110 €.

We are happy to offer you our services of the best land excursions  for cruises in Saint Petersburg!